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Ming Da Valve Audio UK

• World class designs

• Exceptional sound quality

• Outstanding aesthetics

A Sound Investment

All new valve amplifiers sold by Ming Da Valve UK are now covered by a comprehensive 3 year warranty, with the exception of valves, which are covered for 12 months.

Beware of ‘grey’ imports - warranties on out-of-territory sales are not supported by Ming Da Valve UK - and they may not even be electrically suitable for territories other than the one for which they are supplied. All Ming Da amplifiers have linear power supplies, which should be used on the mains voltage and frequency for which they were supplied to avoid damage.

New: 3 year warranty

News / Events

We service what we sell: We are fully equipped to service and repair all of our products without compromising the original factory performance standards.

After sales service

The Sound and Vision Show -20th - 22nd February, Marriott Hotel, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

Visit our display in room 213 to see and hear the latest 80W single-ended monoblock power amplifiers the Dynasty Cantabile Grande, highly commended by HiFi News, as well as the Audio Detail Nuvistor phono stage, and the Chela-03 DAC / pre-amp.

Our demo room is open. Call Mark for an appointment to hear your choice of valve amplifier from our range (including the Cantabile Grande).

Demo facilities

High quality, hand built hi-fi valve amplifiers