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MC84-EAR Headphone Valve Amplifier

Product Description:

The new MC84 EAR headphone amplifier is aimed at the discerning headphone listener, who really needs the perfect solution for a quiet, relaxed and warm listening experience with the headphones.

We have engineered this amplifier with custom made output transformers to match the  widest possible range of headphones, employing three switch settings 32Ω, 300Ω and 600Ω.

This amplifier uses three classic triodes, one Tungsol 6SL7 and two 6N6P triodes used as output valves, giving a clean and pure 1.5 watts triode sound. With a frequency response of  15Hz–50kHz ± 1dB and quality audiophile capacitors in the signal path, top quality headphones will give you one of the ultimate listening experiences available.



Input impedance  100kΩ

Frequency response 15Hz- 50kHz

Output Power  Up to 1.5 Watts per Channel

Output Socket   ¼ inch stereo Jack

Power input    230Vac





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