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Audio Detail Chela-04 Valve Pre-amp with Dac

Product Description:

The new Chela-04 valve pre amplifier and integrated DAC is, designed to reproduce the quality and detail of today's high resolution audio recordings. The valve pre-amplifier features 2 Marconi NOS x ECC81, and a 6N1/6N6 or 5922 double triode to give a good gutsy low impedance output suitable for driving even medium or long cable runs. The pre amplifier has again of 12db, with a zero feedback design, therefore avoiding some of the over load situations that occur in many high gain valve and transistor pre amplifiers in the market today. (Although a higher gain can be specified, if requested)

Offering three analogue inputs and three digital inputs, this makes the Chela-04 a flexible and desirable pre amplifier to suit most High Fidelity installations...  The Pre amplifier stage has been designed to be as transparent as possible, to avoid colouration of the sound. The pre-amplifier is fully DC coupled and therefore we use Audyn output capacitors, for the best sound. We also include a remote volume control, with the option of a manual stepped attenuator.

Coupled with a high specification new DAC design, this is a stunning combination offering a new insight into your music! The DAC inputs featured are Optical, Coaxial and finally an Amanero USB for a feed from a dedicated server or laptop etc. All simply selectable from the front panel. We keep the pre amp/dac simple, the DAC is fully automatic, simply locking to the fastest frequency it can, Just press and select your input! This is a Pre-amplifier and DAC designed with the “KISS” principle! Two separate power supplies keep the voltages clean and very low noise, even the heaters are smoothed DC! The Chela-04 is available with Black, or Silver front panels, and ask about the option for a lacquered wooden front panel..



3 x analogue inputs     500mv on Silver RCA sockets

3 digital inputs         Coaxial digital, Optical Digital, USB Amanero

Max resolution: 32bit 768khz.


1 pair     2Volts nominal on Silver RCA sockets

Valves used:    2 x ECC81(NOS Marconi/Brimar) or (6SN7 on request)**, 1x 6922/6N1/6N6

Mains input    230-240 AC 50/60Hz(115 VAC available on request)


Made in Great Malvern


Audio Detail DAC Pre-Amplifier



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