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Dynasty Cadenza Scatola

Product Description:

The Cadenza Scatola is the new powerful integrated amplifier developed from the successful Cadenza and Cadenza-Grandé amplifiers. We have dramatically changed the styling of this amplifier to offer a more traditional look reminiscent of times gone by, with style nod to later Leak,  Luxman and other fine brands..

This new amplifier uses 4 of our special Jinvina gold based KT120 valves, in push pull giving a hefty 120 watts per channel in ultra linear mode or switchable into triode mode to give a silky warm yet still powerful 60 watts per channel output.

This amplifier really provides a punchy output to move almost most insensitive modern speakers, even whilst when running in triode mode it will drive more sensitive loudspeakers, offering the discerning listener alternative sound choices. The amplifier uses 2 x 6N8/6SN7 as drivers and 2 x 6N9/6SL7 triodes to amplify your sound source for the driver stage. We provide 4 line inputs for front panel source selection as well an an option of “Power Amplifier” with a discreet switch for selecting Power Amp mode.  We fit zero inductance audiophile German “Audyn Reference” coupling capacitors within the audio path, to maintain the highest quality.

Employing the Ming Da point to point hand build and our in house” hand wound “E I” configured output transformers, a frequency response of 15Hz-45kHz±1dB is easily achieved. Also featured is a remote volume control  The Dynasty series “Cadenza Scatola” is a smart and powerful amplifier, designed not only to look good but to sound great!                      


Output Power - Ultra linear 120 Watts per Channel

Output Power – Triode  60 Watts per channel

Frequency response  18Hz-45kHz±1dB

S to N ratio    ≤91dB

Distortion      ≤1% at full power

Input Impedance    100KΩ

Input sensitivity:   350mV

Power input    230-240 Vac


Dynasty Cadenza Scatola



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