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Dynasty Cavatina Scatola

Product Description:

The new Cavatina Scatola is one of the ultimate and musically sweet integrated Single Ended amplifiers available. This amplifier has been given an all new look as it is an almost unique product in the UK market.

The Cavatina Scatola is designed around the magnificent 805ASE triode  generating a class A single ended output power of 35 watts. To compliment this we have added a 300B driver triode, resulting in a smooth, purer sound! Developed from the original acclaimed Cavatina mono block.(HiFi World 5 Globes), add the convenience of an integrated amplifier and the stunning new looks. In fact this amplifier has been dramatically re-styled to offer a more traditional look reminiscent of times gone by, with style nod to later Leak, Luxman and other fine brands..

This quality is also reflected in the perfect combination of Japanese steel laminations and 99% pure copper making our heavy and high current capable “E I” configured output transformer, which ensures zero saturation, even at the lowest frequencies. Naturally we hand wind all our own output transformers in house using our researched and refined designs. Also for extended output valve life we have now added an auto delay HT switch.

In addition to this impressive specification we now offer the option of external bias setting checking from the front panel meter.



Frequency response - 17Hz–30kHz ±1dB.

Output power - 35W plus
Output impedance - 4Ω, 8Ω
Input sensitivity - 500mv
Input impedance - 100K
Distortion - ≤1% at full power
Signal to noise ratio - 88dB
Power dissipation - 380W

Inputs - 4 pairs Gold plated RCA Phono sockets

Outputs - Gold plated 4mm speaker posts


Dynasty Cavatina Scatola



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