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MC34-A integrated stereo amplifier

Product Description:

MC34-A 38W integrated stereo amplifier.

This amplifier produces 38W RMS per channel using the famous EL34, introduced by Mullard in 1952, and used by manufacturers of quality amplifiers the world over ever since. The specially made blue version adds to the aesthetic qualities of this stylish valve amplifier.

Comes complete with an infra-red remote volume control


Power output: 38W RMS per channel

Distortion factor: <0.8% at full power

Frequency response: 20Hz - 50kHz ± 1dB

Signal to noise ratio: >90dB

Dimensions: L 43 x W 40 x H 23 (Cms)

David Price said that “The MC34-A is Gusty, Ballsy and propulsive, yet never offends.”

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September 2015





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