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VALVES - Product Codes & Prices

The same valves as used in the factory - they are mostly Ming Da or Jinvina branded, usually available from stock at competitive prices. Output valves are available as matched pairs.

12AU7 dual triode

12AX7 dual triode

6SN7   Jinvina dual triode

6SN7 NOS dual triode Mil Spec - Russian - (medium µ)

6SL7 NOS dual triode (high µ) - Russian

EL34 Jinvina power pentode -

KT90 Jinvina high power beam tetrode -

805ASE very high power Jinvina triode -

5AR4 (6Z34) high power rectifier for power amplfiers - £25.00

5U4C rectifier suitable for pre-amplifiers - £22-00

274B Jinvina rectifier suitable for pre-amplifiers - £45-00

KT 90