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Piccolo - PP - Integrated Valve Amplifier

Product Description:

The Piccolo PP is a Classic 6L6GC(6P3P) integrated push-pull amplifier. It has been introduced to provide an entry level amplifier of the highest quality, yet simple in operation. Like it's Piccolo sibling, it offers a simple yet sweet sounding amplifier, with all the benefits of valve amplification, at a lower cost than many new transistor amplifiers! This amplifier is tuned by “Audio Detail” in the UK, and this auto-bias version is not available elsewhere!The famous 6L6 Beam tetrode has been used in many amplifiers since 1936, as it was designed to circumvent the patented Philips pentode designs in the 1930's! In this configuration the amplifier produces a powerful understated 22 watts per channel. The 6P3 is fitted as standard, but with availability of both Russian and NOS 40's/50's stock of 6L6GC available as an option.

The driver valves are the now legendary 6N1P along with 2 x 12AX7 input valves


The amplifier features four front panel switch-selectable analogue inputs on gold plated RCA Phono sockets, offering an input impedance of 100KΩ . It is painted in silver with striking red transformer covers to give the amplifier both visual and audio appeal.

The new  Piccolo PP amplifier comes complete front panel on/off switch, input selector and Volume control. (Remote volume control is offered as an option)


Employing the Ming Da point to point hand build and the in house hand wound “E I” configured output transformers, a frequency response of 20Hz-50kHz±1dB is easily achieved. This then helps give that bit of extra push to the quality and detail delivered by the Piccolo P-P.



Output Power  22 Watts per Channel

Frequency response 20Hz-50kHz±1dB

S to N ratio  ≤90dB

Distortion    ≤0.8% at full power

Input Impedance  100KΩ

Power input  230Vac


Ming Da Piccolo PP



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